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Today, many industries are governed by strict compliance requirements. Whether these requirements are a result of legislation or industry standards, your company has to adhere to the “letter of the law.”

Many of the compliance requirements are focused on data security and confidentiality protections. That means you have to know both your business and technology to stay compliant.

It’s a lot for a busy business owner to try to manage on their own.

Do you worry that you might be overlooking something?

Is keeping up with the IT aspects of compliance legislation taking way too much of your time away from your other tasks? You don’t have to handle this task on your own. SunRiver IT successfully helps businesses just like yours meet compliance standards, and we have the experience needed to get and keep you on track.

Compliance Standards Expertise for Your Industry with SunRiver IT Partners

Penalties for non-compliance are severe, and you can’t afford a violation. It could cost you a lot more than money in the long run. A blemish on your reputation could spell the end of your business altogether, the company you spent your entire career building.

SunRiver IT has in-depth knowledge of legislative and industry-specific compliance requirements for the following industries:

  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Healthcare

Don’t see your industry listed? We’re confident we can get your IT environment in line with your industry guidelines. Simply contact us to get started.

A Few of the Compliance Strategies We Use

  • Employee Security Policies: Oftentimes, data is misappropriated or lost merely because of human error or lack of knowledge of proper procedures. Every company needs rock-solid security protocols in place.
  • Travel Laptop Procurement: We can assist you in making certain your company does not fall victim to flaws in a bring-your-own-device strategy by purchasing fleet laptops. Travel laptops are used exclusively for interoffice collaborative work, but remain free from any proprietary and sensitive data that needs to be protected.
  • Mobile Device Protection: We can equip your mobile devices with remote wipe services. Should an employee ever find his cell phone lost or missing, we can remove your sensitive data from the device remotely – thus ensuring no security breaches within your corporation. We also offer services such as data encryption and two-factor authentication.
  • Secure Cloud ServiceProviders: The cloud is an amazing collaborative business tool. You use it every day, and so do we! SunRiver IT Partners ensures that your cloud services are impenetrable.
  • PCI certification: Keeping people’s credit and debit card transactions and details secure is of critical importance. We use multiple assessment tests for the assurance that your systems are protected.
  • HIPAA, HITECH, GLBA Compliance Protocols Expertise —Each industry has its own set of compliance legislation. We bring the experience you need to keep you within the standards for your industry.

Say goodbye to the stress of understanding and implementing IT aspects of legislative and industry-specific compliance requirements by opting for reliable IT compliance services in Nashville by SunRiver IT.

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